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Food | Beagle Wine Night

A little while ago I was invited to Beagle’s pinot noir wine night. I was flicking through my photos and was reminded about how much I enjoyed it so I thought I’d make a post about it. 😊

The night started off with a glass of Rose Champagne (Louis Barthelemy Rubis) and the first of the Pinot Noir (Domaine Martinolle Pinot Noir 2015) from France. All the pinot noir were coded with circular stickers that corresponded to our personal wine lists. Personally the Rose Champagne was probably my favourite of the night (not Pinot Noir I know but the blend was perfect and so easy to drink).

David from Knotted Vine intoduced all the carefully selected pinot noir throughout the night. I was enlightened (I am a wine noob, I know what I like or don’t like when I taste it and that is about it). That night, I discovered that I prefer the dry, easy to drink wines with less of an oaky taste – so the classics.

With the mains we had David Franz Blockers Road 2014 (Australia), Franz Haas Pinot Nero 2014 (Italy) and Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret, Savigny-Les-Beaune 2012 (France). The Australian had a very oaky and herbacious taste to it which I couldn’t appreciate but the other two were classics, and the Italian being my favourite – dry and easy to drink.

But of course the pairing with the food made it even better. Starting off with charcuterie, pork terrine, pickled quince, sourdough toast – the beginning of an amazing set menu by the head chef Tom Ryalls (this is the sort of meal that I always questioned as a child but now I really appreciate).

The mains consisted of Braised and roast duck, prunes and a white beans and kale salad. Having two styles of duck side by side was so delicious, from the juiciness of the braised duck to the more flavourful roast duck (I would go back for this for sure). Then to end the evening, Roast pumpkin, goats curd, caaramel and sage. To be honest when I first read this I thought; “that sounds pretty dodgy… is the starter lost in the dessert?” but oh my, this dessert was so nice. It worked so well together, I still don’t really understand how but it just did!

Overall, just a fabulous experience. I didn’t think I was a wine drinker before this but evidently I just hadn’t found my drink yet.

Thank you Beagle for this treat!


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