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Travel | Prague Part 1

I finally made it to Prague! Such a beautiful city (but just a tad cold) but as a Londoner, the food and drinks were deliciously cheap.

Just as a guide, I exchanged ~ £200 – 6800 Korunas, was there for 4 days, didn’t hold back on eating or buying food souvenirs, had a bit of alcohol and 1000 Korunas left over by the end!

So let me run through what I did (mainly eat) and where I stayed. I hope this is helpful for anyone who reads this.

This post will be about the hotel and next I will write about the wonderful food!


I stayed at Grand Majestic Plaza (closest station – Namesti Republiky) and it was super accessible to everything. From the airport I bought a 90min ticket (32 Korunas) and took the bus no. 100 from the airport to terminal metro station Zlicin and then the yellow line to Namesti Republiky. This took about 40 mins altogether and from the station it was about a 3min walk to the hotel (if you see the Palladium from the photo below, the hotel is on the street to the left of the mall).


  • From the hotel it was about a 10-15 min walk to the Old Town Square (there’s lots to walk past so it doesn’t feel long at all).
  • I bought the hotel as a package with our flights and breakfast was included – a good continental selection (for November on Easyjet for 4 days, 3 nights it was approx £185)
  • A shopping centre was literally next door (Palladium) with local and worldwide high street brands, a supermarket and restaurants/fast food.
  • Transport is super convenient from there
  • Albert and Billa (two main supermarkets) are near by
  • The rooms are spacious and fairly modern
  • Multi purpose adapter cube (only needed a charging cable)


  • The only problem we encountered was that our room door was unlocked on our penultimate day after house cleaning had shown up. This was something major to my personal safety concerns and I told the hotel though I’m not sure the guy at the front desk fully understood me… luckily it was the last night we’d be there so it didn’t concern me as much as if it was our first day but it did put a downer on my thoughts of the hotel. Everything else had been perfect. Fortunately nothing was missing and there is a safe for the valuables. I guess this is inevitable if you opt for room service and cleaning, you just have to trust that people take care…

That was my experience with the hotel and I hope it helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 😊

P.S. Check out the food I ate in Prague on Instagram with the hashtag #LFAinPrague


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