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Travel | Prague Part 2

Where do I start? The food is amazing, super super cheap but tasty. And if you can drink alcohol, esp beer – that’s almost cheaper than water… So, following on from my last post I stayed at the Grand Majestic Plaza which was really near Old Town Square (approx. 10-15 min walk). This was also near a shopping centre (Palladium) and lots of places for food that I had researched (I’ll asterisk the places that are within a 10-15min walk of this hotel below). This was also near a supermarket for goodies that I took home and breakfast was included with my hotel package so I didn’t eat out as much.

So I’ll go through what I ate chronologically. ☺

    1. Trdelnik – A must eat street food. Dough wrapped around a stick with a bread like texture and crispy outer shell. Look for freshly made ones and make sure they don’t look burnt. You can have it plain, I had chocolate added to mine. I wanted to try this with ice cream but it was too cold, that looks delicious though.
      Trdelnik with Chocolate 70Kc
    2. Goulash – Another traditional must eat. Usually with beef, in a rich soup served in a bread bowl. Such a filling dish! I could only manage to eat about a quarter of my bread (it was so nice but I couldn’t handle it – KO Chi.) My favourite was at Mlejnice Zatecka – it is near Old Town Square, super popular and advised to book in advance. The hot mulled wine was lovely there too!
    3. Dessert at Cafe Imperial* – A short walk from the Palladium, a fancy cafe which made me feel underdressed as if I walked into the Savoy in London or something similar.  We had the chocolate fondant and Cherry Bomb surprise. A bit rich but satisfying (and affordable compared to London though above average for Prague). There were also a selection of cakes on display to choose from. Treat yourself and feel like a Queen here.
    4. Nase Maso* – Another short walk from the Palladium, Popular with tourists and locals alike, this is a modern butchers where you can buy raw meat to take away or have grilled in their kitchen. I tried a variety of sausages, meatloaf and sirloin steak. I think it all came to approx Β£11 with a 50Koruna grilling fee. Each dish came with bread so this was quite a meal in itself. It was all really good and the reviews I read really recommended the meatloaf – it lived up to expectations and even these American tourists that we talked to really enjoyed it too. Also, you can pour your own beer and wine from the wall!
    5. Pernickuv Sen* – Down the road from Nase Maso, this is a little shop that sells  biscuits and specialises in gingerbread. It is adorable and the biscuits are so so cute!
    6. T-Anker* – Opposite the Palladium, you can go round the side of Kotva where there are stairs/an elevator to take you up (it looks a bit dodgy). I read that you can go up from Kotva but they were doing works upstairs and noone seemed to want to tell us where to go… But anyways a lovely rooftop to have a drink if you’re nearby and the weather is good. Nice views to enjoy. Heard the food is not that great but I didn’t try – just get a drink and soak up the views.
    7. Butcher’s Restaurant Grill & Pasta (Beef House) – The reviews said Butcher’s Restaurant but I think it recently changed to Beef House? but the inside decor like the mat still referred to Butcher’s Restaurant. I read on the reviews that this was nice and it was indeed! I had grilled salmon and my boyfriend had a filet mignon which he has said was the best he has ever tasted!
    8. Cafe Louvre – A neat little cafe, with beautiful decor. Walk in, find a seat and sit down. (seriously I was too shy even though I read the reviews but noone was coming up to seat us…) There is smoking/non smoking seating so beware as it gets quite unbearable for someone who doesn’t smoke/has asthma 😐 . That aside the food is nice, a bit fancy and more pricey than your average Prague meal though.

Wish I had more time to enjoy the food in Prague, I just can’t stress how cheap it was. I only exchanged Β£200 and I had about Β£30 spare after food, tourism activities and buying souvenirs!

So that’s all guys, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see if I can help!

P.S. Check out the food I ate in Prague on Instagram with the hashtag #LFAinPrague


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