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Recently I have been attempting to try more food styles from around the world. I have a comfort zone with Asian food especially Korean and Chinese food so I’m trying to push the boat out a little. So, after seeing it pop up on my instagram feed continuously, I popped round to Señor Ceviche.

Señor Ceviche serves food based on Peruvian flavours with an asian twist. Dishes are quite small – tapas style – with the intention of sharing.

First things first, I love the way the Charlotte street branch is decorated. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and sitting by the door on a warm summers day is so satisfying (though it is slightly cramped and I kept nudging the people sitting outside and vice versa…) Our waitress was really attentive and explained their recommendations on food/amount to order (roughly a starter and two mains each to share between two) and what ceviche is.


We ordered Chifa Chicharrones (slow cooked pork belly), Señor Ceviche, Sweet Potato Waffle, Peruvian Steak & Egg, Super Pollo and Patatas Fritas. This was our brunch (first meal for the day) so we thought we were really hungry but between the two of us this was more than enough – the Sweet Potato waffle was unnecessary.


The slow cooked pork belly came out first and it was amazing! The highlight of our meal and we would definitely order it again. It was tender but crispy, the flavours were perfectly salty, sweet with the soy sauce shining through. The fatty part of the pork belly (which I normally get rid of because it just tastes of oil) was rather complimenting, making it not dry but not having that gross fatty texture. I just really enjoyed this!

The señor ceviche was interesting. For those who don’t know, ceviche is made of raw fish cured with citrus juice. This one has octopus and meaty pieces of seabass. The citrus flavours were quite strong so it was quite sour after the sweetness of the pork belly but then quite refreshing? I’m not sure how I feel about this to be honest. I didn’t love it but then it was between liking it and not?

The mains – we asked for medium rare for the steak and that was perfect. Surprisingly though, I much preferred the chicken. The flavours were fragrant and unique, really tender chicken and moreish. As I mentioned above, the waffle was unnecessary for our meal – we ordered too much so I didn’t enjoy this so much. It was the last thing we ate and we were full. The flavours were nice but nothing exciting to us at that point – sorry!

Overall I loved the restaurant and the food. I would definitely order the pork belly and chicken again but I’ve also seen quite a few things that I want to try still. It’s different to my usual palette so a nice experience but quite a pricey meal if you’re on a budget. (This meal cost around £60 but we went during the soft launch so had 50% off). I hope this helps and let me know what you think of this restaurant. 🙂

Address: 18 Charlotte St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2LZ


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